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Reality Jukebox

Reality Jukebox is an exciting new podcast that delves deep into the world of music in a fun and light-hearted way. Although light in tone, the podcast is filled with facts and anecdotes (including many first-hand experiences) of the music industry and all that comes with it. We aim to provide content that is interesting and easy to engage with, approaching topics (within music) from a different perspective and provide unique insights into the engrossing topics we discuss in each podcast. 
Subjects such as tour riders (including real world “rock and roll” examples), music from film and TV, artist stories, great gigs, the top 10 TV music debuts, music subculture and more will all be discussed with plenty of scope to extend the conversation to our listeners.  As well as providing great audio content, we hope to be engaging, humorous and of course factual. Our first episode will be uploaded to Sounder, Anchor with the rest of the series being uploaded Approximately every 10 days. Episode 1 will be launched on the 7th October 2022 
As mentioned, we’d love to have our listeners actively participate with the episodes and we will be supplementing the podcast with relevant supporting content on our social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram) where we’re keen for the conversation to extend to.

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What songs would Elvis have recorded if he was still alive?

Season 1

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